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This is Genius Womxn, a podcast where we explore living a rich, meaningful, beautiful creative life through in-depth conversations with brave womxn pursuing their wildest dreams and stepping into their brilliance. I am Yulia Denisyuk, a published travel photographer and writer, an entrepreneur, and someone who believes that every single one of us is worthy, brilliant, and has a unique voice that needs to be shared with the world right now. Four years ago, I quit my corporate job to pursue my dreams and today, I’m on a mission to help other womxn pursue their creative dreams as well. Each week, I sit down with these amazing guests to uncover how they are working towards their creative dreams. And by the way… we don’t sugarcoat it. We also talk about the challenges we face on the creative path like self-doubt, perfectionism, and learning to act in spite of our fears (we all face these challenges and, even after working with amazing brands like National Geographic and BBC Travel, I have these struggles too! So on the podcast, we’re going to tackle all of that straight on). I’d love for you to join me on this journey to get to know the stories of so many genius womxn and together we will explore what it takes to make your dream creative life a reality, ditch your fear and doubt to the side, and bravely step into your brilliance. All you have to do right now is make sure you’re subscribed to this podcast in your favorite podcast player so you don’t miss a thing.

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