Gongs & Bongs (and a side of Kambo) with Devajeet Singh


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Join me and very special guest Devajeet Singh from 8th Chakra studio in Santa Ana, CA as we discuss his amazing journey with cannabis from a NDE that sent him on a journey of self discovery and to the path of healing. Deva shares his story of his youth and some troubling times that he turned to cannabis to heal himself as well as develop his skills as a healer along the way with various sacred medicines. Deva talks about how he found Kambo, the sacred medicine from the giant monkey frog that creates a physical and energetic cleanse. He now walks the path of serving Kambo and cannabis at his studio in Santa Ana called 8th Chakra Studio. Deva's studio hosts many healing services including kundalini and tarot to round out his incredible desire to be of loving service to these sacred medicines. We talk specifically about Gongs & Bongs which includes consumption and a sound bath that transcends the 3D and takes you to a whole new level of yourself. Join Deva in Santa Ana; it's totally worth the trip he's AMAZING! I've done 3 rounds of Kambo with Deva and it completely changed my life. Find us both at IG @8thchakrastudio @gia.kubik

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