Australia's Top Ranked Triathlete Natalie Van Coevorden


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On today's episode we got to speak to Australia's current number 1 ranked Triathlete Natalie Van Coevorden.

Natalie comes from a swimming background, has competed now at seven world championships for Australia from junior to elite. She trains and competes both domestically and internationally, mostly on the WTS (World Triathlon Series) circuit where she has finished as high as 11th in the world.

She got her first World Cup podium in 2013 and her first WTS podium in the 2018 season where she was 3rd place at WTS Abu Dhabi Her most recent goals have been to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics which as you'll hear in the conversation has been interesting to adapt to.

We also covered:

  • What it's like to train and race on the pro circuit at the elite level
  • Mentally and physically competing against the world's best
  • The role of nutrition in her recovery
  • The importance of strength and conditioning
  • Covering all bases, including psychology
  • How she is preparing for Tokyo 2021

This was a great insight into the mind of a professional and she showed why she is currently one of the world's best triathletes, leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of success.

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