How Much Improvement Can You Really Expect


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Are your expectations of yourself realistic?

Do you expect faster results than you're currently getting?

Is this a problem with your coach, your program or you?

In this episode we talk about understanding where you are on your own journey, and how to know what to REALISTICALLY expect from yourself, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete.

Podcast Highlights:

  • The 'Never Say Die' attitude strikes again!
  • Why going from zero to hero is a bad idea
  • The one thing I have to tell every beginner athlete
  • The negative side of being well trained
  • It's physically impossible to improve all the time, so why do we get upset?
  • How to analyse your own progress (key factors to look for)
  • Why motivation is your best friend and worst enemy

And finally,

  • My advice on expectations that I want every athlete to hear

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