How To (Not) Mess Up Your Race


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It's been a while, but more and more of us are looking to 2021 with genuine races on the calendar again.

So which race should we pick? Should we go for an IM? A 70.3? The biggest Gran Fondo?

In this episode Gerard breaks down the factors his athletes MUST consider when selecting a race.

If you don't do these things, you risk having a horrible race experience.

In the episode we talk about:

  • Turning a covid mistake into a major cycling win
  • How to sprint well at the end of a race
  • Being a good runner vs a good triathlon runner
  • The race Gerard did this year which ranks as hard as Kona Ironman
  • Gerard's minimum requirements of an athlete who wants to do an Ironman
  • How many hours should you really be training for?
  • How long should your longest ride and run be? (Hint: I bet it's longer than you think)
  • The list of questions you need to answer if you expect to complete a triathlon

As always, we covered a lot!

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