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Dave McKenzie is a former pro cyclist, a coach, a cycling commentator on SBS, he runs cycling tours across europe and is a true aussie legend in the sport of cycling.

We sat down with the man who is usually the one asking the questions to get an insight into his career as a pro, his career behind the scenes with SBS and his insight into the cycling world.

McKenzie won the Australian national road race title in 1998. And his biggest victory came on stage 7 of the 2000 Giro d'Italia where he rode to victory after a 164 km solo breakaway - an epic story that he breaks down in this episode.

Key points of the episode:

  • What does cycling mean to you?
  • Why talent doesn’t get you everywhere
  • A wake up call to hard work
  • Copping abuse from Italian cyclists
  • Earning respect from the same Italian cyclists!
  • Discussing the epic SBS commentating team
  • Dave’s best lesson he’s learn in the last year

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