Marathon Legend Steve Moneghetti


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This week we got to sit down with one of Australia’s greatest runners, Steve Moneghetti.

He is a 4x Olympian with a best place of 5th, a gold, silver and 2x bronze medalist at the commonwealth games, a best place of 3rd at the marathon world championships, a marathon PB of 2:08:16 and his iconic City2Surf course record still stands 29 years later!

The stories, lessons and training philosophies that Steve has are remarkable to say the least.

We spent every second of this hour long podcast soaking up every bit of information we could.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Key points of the episode:

  • Why running is so amazing
  • The story of the famous ‘Mona Fartlek’ and how it was created
  • Mona’s typical training week
  • What running for your country means
  • How important your desire is to achieve your goal
  • How to best prepare for your big races
  • The subtle changes Steve made leading into his championship races
  • The one major principle responsible for his success
  • Why you need to race more!
  • How Steve did the same program for 2 decades
  • The biggest challenge of his career

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