The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Power/Data


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Here at TriVelo we talk a LOT about “power” numbers and data...
But many beginner/intermediate athletes say to us they’re still a bit confused by it all.

It’s okay to be confused by this, because it’s a confusing subject.

But we’re here to change all this.


Have you ever wondered...How do I actually get MY DATA?
And how do I even use these numbers?
Have you seen power/watts on zwift but not sure how to use it?
Or have you heard that FTP is important but still wondering how it works?

We’ve noticed that many athletes have no idea where to even start with power, what an FTP test is or how to do it, or how to use data properly and use it to your advantage…

Instead it becomes this complex monster that just feels too scary and overwhelming to even look at, let alone attempt to understand.

And don’t worry, this isn’t just beginner athletes, we have intermediate and even advanced athletes who are still perplexed by it all.

And this is a shame, because once you understand it, it will literally change the way you train and race forever
So, we’d like to fix this problem.

Today, not only are we going to be giving a beginners guide to data and power, we also have an exciting announcement.

We're opening up our doors to our home/training studio in Belgrave, Victoria and inviting 4 triathletes for a VIP Coaching Day with Gerard; where you will get a day of personalised data testing and coaching.

If you’d like to join us on this day and get some help with your numbers, go to:

Keys to the episode:

  • How to set yourself up with your own numbers
  • Let’s start from scratch, what is power and how does it work?
  • What power meter should I buy?
  • How hard is it to understand?
  • How to read your power meter once you get it
  • How to find your training data/numbers
  • How to find your racing data/numbers
  • How to understand your own zones
  • The biggest mistakes beginners make when it comes to data
  • The major things to watch out for when starting with power

So if you're new to testing and understanding data.

And want to come and learn first hand how it all works

And more importantly, want a change to come and spend a day with the Supercoach!

Then this workshop is for you.

You can go to to register.

The day is held in Belgrave, Victoria. So either you’re in Victoria or prepared to travel!

The first date of this is Sunday August 1st.

Generally a power meter is non-negotiable. You could come without it but what are you going to do after?

It doesn’t matter what level you are! This will benefit you if you’re an absolute beginner triathlete who is brand new to all of this, or if you’re an experienced triathlete who wants to go to another level.

If you want to learn how to TRAIN SMARTER and RACE FASTER, you can join our weekly email, just go to:

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