Why 'Recovery' Is Our Secret Weapon To Train Harder


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We know that training adaptation doesn’t actually occur in the training session, but instead in your recovery from a session. That’s why you couldn’t just do a hard session every day and expect to improve.

Your body needs time to recover and adapt in order to get the training benefits.

BUT, so much emphasis is placed on the training sessions themselves, what about how to do recovery well?

What do you need to focus on when it’s time to recover?

How would you like to make sure you’re giving your body the best chance at optimal recovery and maximum growth from training?

Keys to the episode:

  • You can’t have a training program without a race plan
  • How long can you sustainably hold form for
  • What to do if you’re losing form
  • The psychological benefit of recovery
  • What happens if you don’t recover properly
  • Should you have a “deload” week every 2, 3 or 4 weeks?
  • What does “keep your hard sessions hard” mean
  • How to assess how tired you are
  • Do the most common recovery interventions actually have evidence behind them?
  • The recovery benefit of massage
  • Do recovery boots or compression garments actually work?
  • The two recovery factors that have a mountain of evidence behind them
  • Our favourite low intensity recovery method
  • An exercise physiologists perspective of how to measure your recovery

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