A Healthy Mom and Baby Are NOT Enough with Chanie Fingerer of Yoledet Academy


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What a fun episode with Chanie Fingerer!

We spoke about so many topics pertaining to women's bodies changing from pregnancy to birth. Chanie had her own struggles with diet culture voices and now really speaks up for The Intuitive Eating/Health at Every Size movement.

This episode was so interesting and also super informative! I know you will love it!

Chanie Fingerer is a birth nerd and has been a labor and delivery nurse for 8 years. After undergoing a negative experience with her first birth, she was inspired to pursue a career to support women in the way that she herself so sorely lacked. In July of 2020, she widened her reach beyond the hospital by starting an educational Instagram account, @yoledetacademy, and subsequently launched The Happy Birthway Podcast. Chanie infuses her education through a Jewish lens and specializes in serving the unique needs of Jewish women. Yoledet Academy now offers online childbirth education courses with a focus on self-advocacy and a community membership, which you can find by going to yoledetacademy.com. Chanie also consults for medical malpractice attorneys as an obstetric nurse expert witness and works as a camp nurse in the summers.

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