BONUS EPISODE: Akivas Birth Story


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I wanted to fill you in on Akiva's birth story. I really appreciate all the warm wishes and all the Mazel tovs! I Really felt like I wanted to share with my community here on the Podcast. I know not everybody would want to share their story and that's totally normal and fine and has nothing to do with me really this is what I felt like doing and I'm really happy to share it if it's at all enlightning or inspiring or helpful to anyone. I'm definitely a sharer and I enjoy sharing my story. I always likes to share my birth stories and this one was I don't want to say so eventful it was definitely surprising. I felt like I sort of kept you all in the loop in terms of not wanting to have A C section and as you'll hear in the story I did have a c section so I'm trying to process it myself and trying to learn from the experience and I know Brene Brown says we shouldn't use Instagram or social media to process. I don't really feel like that's what I'm doing maybe a little bit but mostly not. Enjoy the story and if you have any questions or comments I'm happy to here and I really appreciate you being here! We should only share in Simchas together !!! --- Support this podcast:

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