Frum Women’s Insight : How to Manage NOSH on Purim- Hosted by Rena Reiser - With 3 dietitians and REAL question and answers.


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Hi Get Intuit with Gila Listeners! I have a special episode I am airing today about Purim! and of course- Nosh on Purim. I was invited to a panel facilitated by Rena Reiser with 2 other amazing dietitians. You can listen here and or on Rena Reisers podcast - here -

All the information is below including the panelists and their contact infos. Thanks for having me Rena. Thank you to the incredible dietitians, really representing our field - Yaffi and Esti!

I hope you truly enjoy Purim and become uplifted by all the day has to offer. May Hashem answer all of our tefillos for the good!

Last Wednesday we joined together for the third live Q&A on The Frum Women’s Insight Panel!

Our topic was “How to Manage NOSH on Purim” Our panelists were Esti Asher, Gila Glassberg, and Yaffi Lvova.

Here are the questions that our panelists answered:1) There is tons of unhealthy food around on Purim, coupled together with a lack of schedule. How can we make sure to eat healthy food, especially as in Yerushalayim it’s on Friday?

2) Trading nosh for money? Is that right? Do you agree? Disagree? What message is that giving? Is it healthy? I’m never totally at peace with it. But I see people doing it all the time.

3) I’m so torn. Should I let my kids eat what they want and they’ll naturally learn that eating too much junk makes them feel gross? Or should I put a limit on the amount they eat? It’s just one day per year!

4) In the past I’ve thrown a lot of the extra nosh in the garbage, because neither me or the kids can resist having it in the house. Is that because we have no self control? I feel like some people just aren’t wired to have self control and it’s not fair to have it there as a temptation. It’s human instinct to want to eat when you’re hungry. And if you’re hungry and there’s nosh… It’s as if the bechira chofshit goes out the window! What do you think.

5) I still struggle with the onslaught of nosh in my house on Purim. It gets me every year. I’m sure this is a BIG question, but how can I enjoy the nosh without going overboard?

6) How can I limit my kids Nosh intake when I sneak it when no one’s looking! I feel like a hypocrite!

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