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In this episode with Franciska Kosman, we covered so many different ideas. From the Jewish music industry to why she started her podcast to her personal eating struggles. You will learn more about how the Jewish female music industry grew and became what it is today. Franciska also discusses the background of her podcast and how it transitioned from the music industry to featuring survivors of abuse to many different taboo topics in the Jewish community. Francisca is passionate about providing a platform for people who don't have one to share their voice. There is so much to take away from this interview. I really enjoyed it and I am sure you will as well!

A bit about Franciska:

I’m the founder of Kay Productions and a Jewish Orthodox Art-Preneur. I started my career as a singer and composer, and became an international artist and performer, having released over 60 singles. After that, I moved on to launch Kay Productions, which offers a unique combination of services, from content development to producing, marketing, and—most importantly—ways to make an impact with a message worth sharing.

​I started my own podcast, The Franciska Show, to give voice to the inspiring stories of Orthodox Jewish female artists, and to create a space where it's safe to discuss taboo topics. Traditionally, women's voices have been stifled, but modern technology has opened up new horizons for women to engage with their audiences in ways that were unheard of a decade ago.

Before I had my show, I was depressed and fed up with my industry. Launching my podcast helped me build not just a market for my business, but a community. Now I give others a voice on my platform and I help others do the same.

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