Episode 120 - Is Cholesterol Good or Bad?


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There is a lot of confusion regarding cholesterol, LDL, HDL and the abundant use of statins throughout the world.

Bottom line - We all need cholesterol to survive and if we don’t consume cholesterol, our body will make it on its own.

In fact, your liver makes the bulk of it. Only about 25% of our total circulating cholesterol—LDL or HDL—is tied to what we eat. The amount we absorb from our diet varies widely depending on the food itself, our state of health, and even our genetics.

In this episode I discuss:

- 4 measures/ratios to look at when you have a lipid panel

- The difference between small and large dense LDL

- Importance of HDL

- The overuse of statins

- and if you have high triglycerides, low HDL, or high total cholesterol, getting off sugar and refined carbs becomes the best way to fix this problem.

Thanks to Dr. Bikman and Dr. Lustig for context regarding this episode.

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