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How many meals are you cooking in the evening for your children? In this episode, I talk with Award winner Ciara Attwell. She is a mother of 2 and an author of 2 books, My Fussy Eater and We're Hungry.
Ciara talks about how children can perceive food and the different strategies she uses to get her children to eat the same meal but in a different way using her Pick Plates.
She also talks about how the behaviours of adults reflect on the children in terms of their eating habits (crucial element).
Ciara shares a personal story about one of her children who has Autism. She talks about his relationship with food and how she managed to work around his needs.
You don't want to miss this!!!
You can find Ciara at:
Ciara Attwell Founder of @pickplates
Ciara's cookbooks: We're Hungry and My Fussy Eaters with some great family recipes

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