"Desperados" (2020) for Cinco De Mayo & the Top 5 Latinx Comedy Actors - The Get to the Point Review Podcast Ep 13


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This episode we take a look at Netflix's "Desperados" (2020) with Nasim Pedrad to keep in line with our favorite LatinX Comedy Actors lists. A movie with awful ratings, but an excellent cast receives dead-on remarks from Variety Critic Peter Debruge in the review of the recent movie.
The Review by Peter Debruge on 'Variety': https://variety.com/2020/film/reviews/desperados-review-nasim-pedrad-1234713387/
The bulk of our episode explores our Top 10 Latin American Actors in Comedy covering the likes of Luis Guzman and John Leguizamo, mentioning movies you may not have expected.
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