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In this behind-the-scenes interview, Dee Reddy of Intercom asks Bailey why the team at People & Company focuses on communities and how the teams has shifted coaching organizations to harness the power of community in a time of pandemic.

You can tune into the original episode on Intercom's website.

Some key insights that Intercom noted:

  • There’s a lot businesses can learn about community from grassroots organizations. Many of these have, for a long time, operated remotely in innovative ways.
  • A key strategy for nurturing a community is to build with people, not for them. Bailey spoke about this in her original conversation with me.
  • As people around the world get to grips with not gathering in large groups, the online world offers an opportunity to bridge geographical distance.
  • Digital first companies and teams are in a really good position to get creative about fostering community online, whether it’s with clients, colleagues, or family.
  • If you’re a leader, ask yourself what has changed with what people are coming to you for. Consider those shared activities or things that you may have done in person, and try to design experiences for those people in an online capacity.

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