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“When you learn in community, your brain grows so much faster than it would on its own.” - Berna Anat

Berna brings hype to an otherwise “hella male, hella stale, and hella pale” financial space. She creates videos, writing, and hosts talks that encourage, support and celebrate those of us who struggle with personal finances.

This work is personal for Berna. Growing up a first-gen child of Filipino immigrants, money felt like a taboo topic. Berna set out to change that. Today she’s a writer, producer, speaker and “Fin-fluencer.”

Berna's devotion to creating content over the last two years bred fertile ground for a community. On the podcast she shares how she tested and launched a brand-new monthly membership program that connects community members to one another for financial learning and friendship.

Highlights, inspiration, & key learnings:

[3:43] Berna’s origin story--growing up the daughter of Filipino immigrants, talking about money was a taboo.

[9:40] Sending a signal--Berna’s first share behind the curtain of her personal finances.

[14:47] Role modeling the funky energetic vibes and vulnerability that her community has adopted.

[19:25] "Why"--Learning, and the power of doing so in community.

[24:30] Shared activities--Berna uses Instagram and Hella Helpful workshops to reach women-identifying millennials of color and all people left out of financial conversation.

[30:40] "Translating” financial language so it's fun and Berna's community will actually want to listen.

[35:50] Membership--Why Berna is starting a new "Hella Helpful" membership.

[37:50] Rituals--"budget date night" and hype texts for members.

[40:50] Building a thriving Slack channel *with* members.

[46:00] Pinpointing founding members and inviting into the group so they feel safe.

[48:00] Role modeling vs. community management.

[53:45] Berna is given the magic wand and makes her wish ✨

👋🏻Say hi to Berna on Instagram and learn more about Hella Helpful here.

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