Jack Rhysider - From Odd-jobs to Network Analyst to SOC Architect to... Darknet Diaries!


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Jack Rhysider's origin story. With an engineering background Jack found himself doing odd jobs at first. Looking to get back into tech he "certed" up and got a job in the NOC (Network Operation Center) and eventually became a SOC architect building a SOC from scratch. Looking to do something different, he started Dark Net Diaries and it's been an adventure since!


Jack Rhysider started his professional career in a NOC and then became a network security engineer. Doing a lot of work around hardening the network and detecting threats in the network. He became a security architect and successful built a SOC for an MSSP. Currently he's the host of the podcast Darknet Diaries where he interviews hackers or those who've suffered a major attack. The podcast has experienced phenomenal growth so Jack now works on it full time.


  • A glimpse into the life of a security analyst and a Managed SOC

  • Takes about 3-6 months for an analyst to baseline and come up to speed

  • First hack was hacking the Sim City savegame file. Dad was thrilled!

  • Several years of blogging his journey in Infosec helped Jack with his communication skills and explaining difficult concepts to people.


  • "As a Security Engineer, I need to know a little bit about everything."

  • "I would do things like remove (rm -f /) the whole root directory, just to see how many files I could delete before the whole operating system would crash!"

  • "Be fearless grandma!"

  • "I think there is a lot of shaming that goes on of people that do security wrong... that kind of makes things stressful."

  • "I think what us as security people lack sometimes is good communication."

  • "Taking on tasks when nobody asked them to take it on... in the eyes of ... wherever you work... this is amazing!"

  • "...I would keep corrupting files over and over but eventually I figured out which byte in the file was for the amount of money and I was able to give myself a Billion Dollars!"


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