Keya Horiuchi - From Teacher, Filmmaker, and Website Design to Security Engineer!


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Keya was a public school teacher who stood out of the crowd. She loves problem solving and challenging environments. Keya was also a filmmaker and web designer. She's currently a detection security engineer who get knee deep in malware on a daily basis.


Knew she didn't want to be a teacher her whole life

Was the only one in the rational thinking group at her school.

Enjoys rational thinking and the problem solving process.

Prototyped a mock medical device with a Raspberry Pi and won a national competition!


"Easy to get in to what you're comfortable with... and I didn't want to have a job like that."

"It was something that I enjoyed but I definitely feel more at home with the cohort that I work with currently and with what I do."

"... for me it was an amazing process because I hadn't ever SSH’d into a device and I had to figure out how to get like ports scan."

"I read so much documentation on all the little things that we connected to it. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos I looked at a lot of GitHub accounts trying to figure out like I've got to make this move." [14:24]

"It was incredibly challenging. A lot of times I was trying to figure out... where sometimes the information that you get from the client is essentially just a hint of what's going on in the network." [17:07]

" You just have to be creative and keep going at it until you can do what needs to be done." [18:08]

"Yeah. It's amazing, and especially coming from public school teaching where I had seen almost physical fights altercations happen over like reams of paper because there's just not that much allocated towards schools to where snacks are brought in. Like it's a very different environment…" [21:22]

"You did great on the test, but I want to watch you take the test." [23:06]


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