Leron Gray - From Navy E6 to Pentester, SANS Mentor and Nerdcore Rapper!


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Leron Gray is a man of many talents. Not getting really into computers until much later in life, but always having a creative side, he now finds himself as a pentester working from home and nerdcore rapper producing amazing beats!


Leron is currently a penetration tester and a ten year Navy veteran with four years experience as a Cryptologic Technician (Networks), focusing primarily in offensive cyber operations. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Dakota State University in Cyber Operations. With a passion for Python, he loves automating tedious daily routine tasks for efficiency and considers himself to always be in a position to learn more and pass on knowledge. He always enjoys competing in as many Capture-the-Flag events as possible and also often performs as a nerdcore rapper.

Leron currently holds eCPPT, eWPT, GPYC, GPEN, GAWN, GCFE, and GICSP certifications. He also maintains a blog and maintains an active Twitter discussing music, information security and wrestling.


  • Went to a high school that made you choose majors.

  • Grew up poor, was not allowed to go out much.

  • Technological learning came from school.

  • Didn't really get into computers until he was 25.

  • Has been in music sister Jr. High School. Marching band, jazz band, and concert band... all the bands.

  • Networking is the biggest thing that Leron says would help.

  • Leron offers his passionate opinion on "aptitude". It's a pet peeve of his.


  • "I learned a lot... I made sure not to waste any opportunity for learning..."

  • "Job searching in general is a pain."

  • "I don't think I would be where I am right now if I hadn't gone out and made that effort."

  • "One of the big deals that people had were degrees, I wasn't really sure why; I have 10 years of IT/Cyber experience."

  • "It turned out the company no longer owned that server. Their DNS was still pointing to it though."

  • "I took Java in high school and was really bad at it and I found out everyone is bad at Java so it doesn't really matter."

  • "It's so much easier to learn when you have a problem to fix."

  • "It's not even just information security that learning pyt hon could help... it could be anything you do.. .often enough to warrant not to do it manual."

  • "Nobody does a CTF and expects not to learn something by the time they leave ."

  • "Job searches shouldn't be like that. They should be based on you merit. But..."

  • "Maybe the person can't get OSCP, but maybe they have the skills or knowledge..."

  • "The idea of aptitude... raises too many borders."


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