Where Are All the Decent Men? feat. Author Jon Birger


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There's a reason why there are so many incredible, successful, beautiful women who struggle to find a decent partner, while (*cough* mediocre) men seem to have no problem on the dating scene, and we're deep diving into the data behind this frustrating phenomenon with Jon Birger, author of Date-Onomics and the upcoming book Make Your Move. We discuss how geography plays a part (yes, there are cities/towns where the odds are more in one gender's favor), and how women can widen their dating pool. And we're also chatting about making the first move, how and why to do it, the bad advice women have been given for years, and Jon offers his strategy for finding a compatible partner (spoiler alert: it involves getting off the apps). We also review Bridgerton, debate some sexual language Ashley received, and Rayna reveals her new bush goal. Enjoy!

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