Patreon Episode Four


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Well, the second wave of COVID has been kicking our asses over here and we haven’t been able to get together to record a new episode in a while. So, here’s another episode made up of Patreon segments to bide you over while we get it together to “Hop on a Zoom call” and record a new episode! As always, subscribe to our Patreon for magazine archives, early episode access, and extra segments. Stay alert, stay safe.

Episode 60: Cosmopolitan June 1994: History of the Cosmo and Love Addiction (Feat. Marta S)

Episode 61: YM January 1996: One Night Stand First-Aid

Episode 62: Twist March 1999: Calling Jackie, Would You Rather?, Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Podcast, Annoying Guys (Feat. Lauren Prussky)

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