Creepy Falcon Lake Grandpa Ghost


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Creepy Falcon Lake Grandpa Ghost
Back in the Paranormal Saddle, Jas and Sher, your Audio Curators return to the PodShop to get their spooky on and talk about a traditional Manitoba Ghost Story.
Falcon Lake Manitoba has had its share of creepy stories including the famous UFO Encounter experienced by Stephen Michalak. Another urban legend that we cover on today’s episode involves an abandoned farmhouse located down a deserted dirt road in the middle of nowhere.
Imagine exploring such a place to only find – You are NOT alone. Just because a persons is deceased, doesn’t mean they have to leave their home, right?
We ask, would you have the nerve to explore an abandoned house, deep in the forest miles away from any sign life, late at night?
Music by Ruesche-Sounds
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