Ramblesode Cemetery Superstitions


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Ramblesode Cemetery Superstitions
On this week’s episode Jas and Sher, Your Audio Curators, tackle one of their favorite subjects: Superstitions…..not just the regular type, but Cemetery Superstitions and every kinda superstition related to the beliefs of what you do when someone dies: from the time they depart, to when they are burred in their final resting place.
Just like with any superstition, we critique the credibility and reasoning on some of them, but just like with any superstition you always have to take it with a grain of salt….and of course if you spill the salt, proceed to toss it over your shoulder, cause, you know why….
Till Death Do Us Part…..take a whole other connotation in the After Life.
Music by Ruesche-Sounds
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