Episode 12: How impactful can Blockchain be for International Trade? With Hanna Norberg


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Fredrik Erixon talks to Hanna Norberg, the founder of Trade Economista and co-founder of digitaltradepolicy.org. They discuss the potential of Blockchain for international trade. What is Blockchain and how can it be used along the chain of international trade? How can Blockchain technology be incorporated in Trade transactions? How much can this technology affect the supply chain? Can it generate more trade and reduce costs?

They also examine the role policy can play in the development and adoption of Blockchain in trade – what are the policy reforms needed and which region is doing better in this change?

For more on this topic, click here to find Hanna’s recent paper – Unblocking the Bottlenecks and Making the Global Supply Chain Transparent: How blockchain technology can update global trade and Trade

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