Evaluating, Monitoring & Selecting Suppliers in the Medical Device Industry


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Are you a medical device professional or company seeking suppliers? Or, are you a supplier yourself? There’s a supplier management solution that will make your job a whole lot easier.

In this episode of the Global Medical Device Podcast, Jon Speer talks to Bassil Akra, CEO and Co-owner of ‎QUNIQUE, a quality and regulatory consultancy. Previously, Bassil worked with the notified body, TÜV SÜD.

Bassil discusses QUNIQUE’s Quality Engine (QE) solution for supplier management, which helps manufacturers find compliant solutions to fulfill obligations and achieve continuity that puts medical devices on the market.

Some highlights of this episode include:

  • QE is a one-stop shop, like Amazon is for consumer products and Google is to ask questions about everything. However, QE specifically searches for healthcare, medical devices, pharma, and IVD products and service providers.
  • QE is a platform invented but not influenced by QUINIQUE. Every notified body and registered consultants are listed. With QE, you can find, identify, select, and contact global suppliers.
  • To join and register for QE, book a membership package, choose a service provider type, and search by selecting relevant criteria.
  • QE includes testing labs, distributors, suppliers, and requests. Otherwise, if you’re searching for results, you have to connect with multiple places and people.
  • Evaluating, monitoring, and selecting suppliers can be frustrating and time consuming. QE simplifies supplier management.
  • Transparency is necessary to have fair competition and a clear supplier selection. Then, you no longer need to be dependent on a single supplier.

Memorable quotes from Bassil Akra:

“We are helping manufacturers and we are finding solutions toward getting them really compliant, but getting them also in a lean way fulfilling their obligation and being able to achieve the target of market continuity and getting their device on the market.”

“Every one of us is nowadays struggling to find things.”

“It is not the end list, this is the beginning. We’re going to extend this platform to get more transparency on the market.”

“We have a large number of service providers who are unknown and they are available when we need them but we don’t know about them.”

“Transparency is all what we need in life to have fair competition and a clear supplier selection.”


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