Sports Professors: Peng Shuai, the MLB Lockout and College Football's Coaching Carousel


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This week on the show, a look at a tumultuous time in sports business from college to the pros to international competition. Professors Kenneth L. Shropshire from Arizona State's Global Sport Institute and Scott Rosner from Columbia University discuss the holdout by the Women's Tennis Association against the Chinese government on the heels of Peng Shuai's disappearance from public life; the lockout in Major League Baseball; and the financial and competitive reasons behind NCAA football coaches changing schools and earning huge paydays.

'Sports Professors' is a bimonthly production of the Global Sport Matters Podcast, where professors Kenneth Shropshire and Scott Rosner discuss the 101 on what happened in sports business. Each episode gives you a quick recap of the past week in sports, before diving deeper into a bigger topic to look at what's happening and why it matters.

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