38. Wellness for All Women: Hormone Health, Social Connections, Spirituality, Sleep, & Dance - with Dr. Nicola Finley from Canyon Ranch & Nina Boyce from Nourished with Nina


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This week we have a panel of women from different generations — a millennial, a gen Y, and a baby boomer — all comparing notes about women's health. To the guys out there: listen good. We promise you'll learn something valuable about the women in your life.

Our guests are Dr. Nicola Finley, a board-certified internal medicine doctor who works at Canyon Ranch, and Nina Boyce, a certified hormone and fertility coach and the host of Healing Hormones. We explore everything from health disparities among disadvantaged populations to fertility to menopause, and even the joy of dance. We hope you'll be inspired to find your posse; your own community of trusted friends to confide in, to be real with, and to learn from when it comes to the normal phases of life we all go through.

You’ll also learn some tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy, why lifestyle choices matter so much to your own longevity, and why caring, extended families — and even prayer — help ensure better health outcomes.

You can visit www.canyonranch.com to learn more about Dr. Nicola Finley’s practice and visit www.nourishedwithnina.com to learn more about Nina’s hormone and fertility work.


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