031 - Dr. Stuart McGill - Professor, Author and BackFitPro CEO


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For Episode 031, Jason interviews Dr. Stuart McGill, CEO of BackFitPro and *the* expert when it comes to backs and dealing effectively with back injury and pain. Dr. McGill explains in simple, easily understood terms why proper adequate movement is foundational -- and rucking is so helpful -- to having a healthy back and spine.

Dr. McGill was the Professor Emeritus of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada, where he was a professor for 32 years, the author of "Back Mechanic" and current CEO of BackFit Pro. He has worked with MMA fighters, NFL athletes, and Tier 1 Special Operations guys, just to name a few groups in a diverse lot.

Two years ago, before Glorious Professionals existed, Jason and GORUCK had the opportunity to visit his BackfitPro lab just north of Toronto, Canada and talk to him about his work. The result of that conversation is not only this podcast, but Dr. McGill’s knowledge and teaching has hugely impacted GORUCK’s thinking on rucking and human performance since.

In this conversation learn: how rucking is a way to help people with back problems and the “curious situation where backpacks can reduce spine loads” because the ruck acts as an extra muscle/lever; the biomechanical importance of slowly increasing weight and getting enough muscular rest; how sitting too much is detrimental and walking helps correct resulting pain; and the best progression for getting into rucking and rehabbing your back.


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