033 - Kevin Flike - Green Beret (Ret)


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Medically Retired Green Beret Kevin Flike joins Jason and Rich for Episode 033. Kevin tells the story of his life of service up to and after his second tour as a combat engineer in Afghanistan in September 2011 when during a 10+ hour firefight he was shot in the stomach. He suffered a fractured hip, damage to his femoral nerve and was paralyzed on his left side. He medically retired and he, along with his wife Kimberlee, have fought ever since to recover and build a life worthy of his teammates.

“Ask for help. Receive help. Give Help.”

Kevin shares how his work ethic, drive and ideals of service and sacrifice were founded at an early age working for his father and playing football. He explains how these convictions led to his decision to join the Army at a time of war and earn his Green Beret. Since retiring from the Army, as part of his recovery, he’s earned degrees from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the MIT Sloan School of Management. He talks about the hard transitions -- between deployments and through recovery and grad school. He describes his search for ways to live a life of service to others even when struggling in the darkest of places. Once a recipient of their help, one of the ways he currently gives back is on the Board of Directors of the Green Beret Foundation. Be sure to stay tuned for some surprised special guests who pop into the conversation -- proof that the journey has been worth it and also continues.

“A life that’s easy, in my opinion, is not a life worth living.”


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