034 - Dr. Ellen Glasser - Mayor of Atlantic Beach, FL and Former FBI Special Agent


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Dr. Ellen Glasser joins Jason and Emily for Episode 034. Dr. Glasser was recently re-elected as Mayor of Atlantic Beach, FL and has a long history of public service. She was sworn in as an FBI Special agent in 1982, one of the first 500 women to do so, and through her 24 years as “Agent Mom” this glass-breaking-badass served with distinction on high-profile cases from bank robberies to the Iran-Contra Investigation. She talks candidly about her drive to live an interesting life — as well as a thrill seeking streak — led to her success doing “unglamorous work” with the bureau; and how the sacrifices and big events (like her one and only shootout) because of those choices effected herself and her family. With such a breadth of career she has unique perspective on the culture shifts in the FBI, especially from being reactive to terrorism to having a more proactive stance -- which she saw directly as the Inaugural Coordinator of the North Florida Joint Terrorism Task Force after the September 11th attacks.

After her retirement from the FBI she took a “clarifying” bike ride across America to benefit the American Lung Association which spurred her to focus locally for continued service to her community. Dr. Glasser’s dissertation focused on women in leadership and she taught in Criminal Justice at the University of North Florida and served as president of a national association of FBI agents -- while also mothering 4 children and 2 step-children. She realized through her research and direct work with students the importance of mentorship, something she felt was lacking for herself and many women especially in traditionally male fields.

Now as Mayor, Dr. Glasser focuses on community ties and finding common ground outside of the partisan fray. Her focus on safety, attention to detail and drive to “not be last” continues to help protect community and country.


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