037 - James Geering - Firefighter, Paramedic and host of “Behind the Shield”


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“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

— Bruce Lee

Born in England on a farm, our guest for Episode 037 James Geering had always dreamed of becoming a Firefighter but was told because of color blindness he was unable to serve. James, now a podcast host, author and firefighter and paramedic of 15 years, joins Jason and Rich after a ruck on the Jacksonville Beach to talk about his winding road from lifeguard, to stuntman in Japan, to naturalized American citizen living his dream of service.

James traces his work ethic and humility in training to his early martial arts training. The idea of using information and skills from different disciplines to constantly improve is now a common thread in his work. He continues to serve by using his platforms to educate the public through his lens as a first responder.

Throughout his career, he also witnessed a giant void in the area of First Responder wellness -- and is blunt about how the mental and emotional costs of service simply weren't talked about in his training or early years -- but the conversations are changing now. Some of those conversations happen on James’s podcast “Behind the Shield” and are chronicled in his book, One More Light, which takes readers through heart-wrenching stories that are coupled with a unique and mental health perspective about preventing tragedy and unnecessary suffering. An “incurable optimist,” James in One More Light ultimately leaves the reader with the hope that, with us at our best, we have a fighting chance to thrive in an uncertain world.

James talks about not just saving lives as a first responder but improving quality of life for those serving and all of us. James’ years of selfless service and dedication to humanity are two qualities we aspire to achieve here at GORUCK and we’re happy to welcome this Glorious Professional as our first firefighter to the podcast.


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