Caring for Our Aging Parents w/ Brandee Evans & Mary Hulme


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There will come a time when the tables turn and suddenly the parent becomes the child and the child is caring for the parent. Actress Brandee Evans shares her very personal story of taking care of her mother who has multiple sclerosis. She’s on the hit show P-Valley now, but she didn’t have a job when her mother came to live with her in Los Angeles. Then Ali taps the expertise of Mary Hulme, a geriatric specialist who actually helped Ali and her siblings as they were navigating changes with their mother. Mary talks about how siblings can work together, the importance of maintaining dignity and why safety shouldn’t necessarily be the main consideration.

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Brandee Evans shares her experience with her mom:

Instagram: @therealbrandee

Mary Hulme:

Multiple Sclerosis:

The National MS Society

A patient advocacy organization with a mission to redefine what “sick” looks like for Black women living with MS.

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