Have We Broken Up With Rom-Coms? w/ Jenelle Riley


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What is it about romantic comedies that leave such a soft spot in people’s hearts? And if that’s truly the case, where the heck did they go? Ali and Variety magazine’s Jenelle Riley have a heart-to-heart on all the ins and outs of rom-coms like the significance of streaming services, the increased diversity (finally) and the impact of the MeToo movement on our beloved stories. Jenelle shares her surprising favorites!

Plus, Ali went to social media to ask YOU if you think rom-coms are dead and what rom-com you can watch over and over again. And, boy, did you answer. We got a very enthusiastic response. Unfortunately we could not include all of the wonderful comments in the episode, but the verdict: Rom-Coms are NOT dead! //

If you have questions or guest suggestions, Ali would love to hear from you. Call or text her at (323) 364-6356. Or email go-ask-ali-podcast-at-gmail.com. (No dashes) //

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