Ep. 82: Dave Shumka & Laura House


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Whether you want to sing about Summer lovin’ or the Big Bang, we’ve got you covered on this special #MaxFunDrive episode of Go Fact Yourself!

Dave Shumka is one of the hosts of Maximum Fun’s “Stop Podcasting Yourself,” which has been around for 13 years. While things have certainly changed in the world of podcasting, Dave says their longevity can be attributed to their show’s vague initial premise of “bland white people.”

Dave’s opponent is Laura House, the voice behind one of Maximum Fun’s newest shows, “Tiny Victories.” The show is meant to be a celebration of the little things in life. Laura will explain how the podcast is a reflection of a mindset that she tries to bring into the real world.

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What’s the difference: The Greenhouse Effect

What’s the difference between a greenhouse and a hothouse?

What’s the difference between “effective” and “efficacious” when referring to vaccines?

Areas of Expertise:

Dave Shumka: Erotic thrillers, 1990’s Canadian popular music and Dairy Queen

Lauar House: The movie Grease, The movie Grease 2 and Gothic English literature

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten

Helen Hong

Dave Shumka

Laura House

With guest experts:

Tyler Stewart, drummer for the band Barenaked Ladies.

Randal Kleiser, director of the film Grease.

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