Special Guest: Sarah Foster of Bad Bad Jewelry


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This week, Misty is joined by Sarah Foster, owner and creator of Bad Bad Jewelry.

Sarah Foster is the owner, designer, and Chief Foul Mouth of BAD BAD Jewelry - a handmade jewelry brand making personal wearable, daily reminders for women with goals and a foul mouth.

A firm believer in the power of words, Sarah has firsthand experience with harnessing the power of five simple words that saved her life after battling with depression and multiple suicide attempts.

It was years later, after a long journey of discovery and a determination to find work that had meaning and purpose, Sarah stumbled upon the combination of her love for words, writing, and jewelry making which formed BAD BAD Jewelry in 2013.

She’s designed for professional female athletes, celebrities, and big brands like NastyGal and BuzzFeed. She’s handmade and shipped over 5,000 products to women in 21 countries and counting.

Click here to check out the Bad Bad Jewelry website and order your own! You can also follow them on instagram @BadBadJewelry.

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