Episode 105 - Brian Mullins


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In this episode, you will learn: • Brian’s brief background. • Brian’s current horizontal income and sources of income. • What Brian does for diet and exercise. • Brian’s life happiness index. • What Brian does to give back to the community. • The most poignant moments in Brian’s life. • Brian’s strengths and his kryptonite. • The smartest business decision that Brian has ever made. • Plus, so much more! Brian Mullins is a licensed Realtor specializing in working with investors and is the owner of several Real Estate related investment companies with over 100 properties under management. Brian has more than twenty years of Real Estate & Selling experience. He also does investing/rehabbing, buying, and selling rental and multi-family real estate in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area. His former career includes sales and management at fortune 500 technology companies such as Xerox, Heidelberg, Eastman Kodak & IBM. Brian lives in Nashville Tennessee area. His great attitude and skills in negotiating, selling, technology, contracting, building, rehab, and investing in rental properties offers a unique ability to help others in the home buying and selling process.

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