Episode 107 - David Vernich


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In this episode, you will learn: • David’s brief bio • What David is afraid of • What David’s horizontal income is made up of • David’s income to net worth ratio • All about David’s health • What David does to exercise • David’s life happiness index • The most poignant moments in David’s life • Plus, so much more! David Vernich helps highly motivated people end financial stress by guiding them to build a passive income quickly. He works on creating passive income from real estate investing while being employed as a full-time commercial banker specializing in real estate investment loans and a part time Real Estate investor for a community bank utilizing over 30 years of experience with SBA lending, investment real estate financing, small business acquisitions, and private money lending for profitable real estate secured loans, and primarily buys and hold single family houses in Nashville and Clarksville, TN. Since the 2008 financial crisis, David had implemented strategies from his most successful clients to increase passive income from virtually zero to over $400,000 last year.

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