Episode 116 - John Samuelson


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In this episode, you will learn: • About John • John’s horizontal to net worth ratio • What John’s diet is like • John’s exercise routine • All about authentic relationships • John’s life happiness index score • What John does to give back to the community • John’s biggest business and personal goals in the next twelve months • Plus, so much more! John Samuelson is a Pragmatic Software Engineer that thrives on delivering value as part of a team. He is the Chief Technology Officer at ScatterSpoke. ScatterSpoke was founded by Colleen Johnson and John Samuelson, a husband-and-wife team who has been working on the product since 2015. Originally started as a side project, John and Colleen went full time in February 2020 and joined TinySeed in April 2020. John has strong communication skills and comfort with upper management. He is enthusiastic about completing projects by applying expertise towards testing, automation, code reviews & development. He is inquisitive, creative, and collaborative in exploring solutions to architectural design decisions, and a specialist in logistical back end problem solving with a focus on long-term maintainability.

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