Butch May - Part 1


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Butch Discusses:
- The patriotic story of how he got his nick name "BUTCH" while still in the womb, his start in the sport as a high school kid growing up in Hawaii, and seeing the talented players at the Outrigger, and Hawaiian Village, including an epic story of sneaking in the Outrigger and taking a hit to the face from future '68 Olympic teammate, Tommy Haine, his infamous "4-F packet" story when he was drafted in '66!, his background before volleyball working in a lumber mill in a small town, his amateur bull riding career where he rode a bull on his first attempt EVER for 8 seconds, and earned a 4th place finish, and how he spent his $ winnings by buying a round of drinks for everyone in the BAR, how he met Colonel Burt DeGroot, and ended up playing for him at Santa Monica Comm. College alongside teammates like Bill Clemo and Ernie Suwara in '63/'64, sharing an apartment with Ernie Suwara when they were teammates at SMCC, how big of an influence Coach - Colonel Burt DeGroot had on him as young player, his recollection of the debacle that was '64 USA Olympic team, how the team was chosen, and how some of the best players were left off the team by Coach Harry Wilson, and some classic stories of how amazing Ernie Suwara was as a hitter!

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