267-Willing To Be Willing


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"Nothing is easy for the unwilling."

When we set a goal or desire to change an aspect of our life or self, we often get “stuck” into inaction.

The fear of taking action in the unknown and the paralysis into stagnation is normal. It’s present for most of us women. This fear is a normal reaction from our brain to command us into staying put instead of moving ourselves into the unknown.

It’s our brain’s duty to prevent us from taking action.

To create any new result in your life: becoming an intuitive eater, accepting our body, career advancement,... ANY CHANGE.

Being willing to be willing

You have to be willing to do two things:

  1. Feel your emotions
  2. Change your perspective on failure

And if you are unwilling to face your fears and emotions, then forward progress on improving your quality of life will not be easy.

You have to be willing to tell your brain: Hey brain, I get it, it’s your job to keep me safe and avoid the unknown & anxiety of newness, but moving forward, I’m willing to feel these emotions because I really want what’s on the other side. The new result.

That’s what we call managing your brain. First module inside Conquer and Thrive.

As women, we are socialized to be good girls. To be perfect. To obey the rules and perform them perfectly. That’s why we unconsciously chase the thin ideal. We’ve been told over and over by our mom, that is the gold standards body type as women. So as good girls we chase that perfection… relentlessly even if it makes us feel terrible.

To motivate this relentless chase of perfection, women are socialized to see failure as the most terrible thing that can happen to us. Any failure in our relentless pursuit of perfection means that we aren’t worthy and that we have failed dieting.

Questions to ask ourselves to become willing

I’ll be leaving you with these thoughts to reflect on:

Are you willing to redefine failure?

Are you willing to see the fear-based thoughts your brain will offer you when thinking about the new goal and be the observer of these thoughts?

How about being willing to see it’s not your thoughts but the socialization thoughts from patriarchy and diet culture?

Are you willing to feel the fear that your brain will present to you and still take action towards your goal?

Are you willing to take a chance on yourself?

How about being willing to bet on yourself that you too can achieve THIS new goal?

Are you willing to be willing to have the intention to be willing to be willing?

Are you willing to be willing to bet on yourself?

If you are, we here for you, sister… come and join us inside Conquer and Thrive and we will support you in your journey of being willing.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:
  • Why the perfect next step from podcast 266 – Goal Setting
  • You are not your body or your brain...
  • The two elements needed to create new result in your life
  • Why women have a faulty concept of failure
  • How we can start to be willing to be willing
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