269: How to Move (or Exercise) More


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“I want to move with joy” “I want to get out of the funk of not movement” “I know exercise is good for me… just can’t bring myself to do it” “How do I motivate myself to move more without dreading it.”

That you are at the beginning stage of challenging the concept of dieting or an advanced intuitive eater that now wants to work on reclaiming their relationship to exercise. Or that you have made peace with food already and now want to tackle your relationship to movement.

This podcast going to help you.

How to move more

I know for me I’ve known that I SHOULD exercise more often for decades… and my solution for years has been to sign up for a gym membership and resorting to using discipline, punishment, and willpower to force me into the gym until, just like dieting it didn’t work. Diet culture has taught us to jump into action… without ever asking why and how we got there in the first place is the reason why we keep repeating the same patterns time after time. Find the place to start is to find the reason(s) why we resist exercise…. That’s the starting point of reclaiming the joy of movement.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • Why we resist exercise
  • The power of changing vocabulary
  • The simple process to create more movement action in your life
  • My movement goals for 2021 and game plan

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