Do Your Financial Values Define Who You Are?


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Do your financial values guide your investment decisions? Financial values are the things that are important to you: the goals you have for your money. Before any investment or purchase, ask yourself, “What do I value?” Certified financial planner Michael F. Kay explains how a person’s background affects their financial choices. He asserts that our parents are our first models of fiscal behavior. We can rise above the nature vs. nurture debate, and not blindly follow the path of a fiscally poor role model. You can break the cycle and create good habits moving forward. Learn how to identify your financial values and use them as guidelines. The author of The Feel Rich Project assures listeners that you don’t have to “go cold turkey” to make a positive change in your financial life.

Financial independence is not just finding investments with high cash flow

Doug explains that finding investments with high cash flow is not the only way to feel financially secure. There are other ways to get a positive cash flow. Download a list of other ways you can increase your income here. Free Download: Financial Independence is Not Just Finding Investments with High Cash Flow To learn more about Roger Whitney and his 5-minute retirement plan, go to To learn more about Michael F. Kay, read The Feel Rich Project: Reinventing Your Understanding of True Wealth to Find True Happiness, or visit his websites and You can also find Michael on Twitter @MichaelFKay or @FinLifeFocus. If you’re not already receiving updates on new episodes, sign up now, and as a special bonus, receive Doug’s free ebook The Retirement Planning Book.

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