The Science of Rethinking, Relearning, & Revamping Your Golf Swing with James Ragonnet, PhD


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782: James Ragonnet, PhD, has a compelling new book called Your Inner Golf Guru: Developing the Golf Instructor Within, which contends that to improve your golf swing you need to take a systemic vs analytical approach. The Systemic method means that the golf swing is a sum of all its parts that need to work in cooperation. Breaking down those parts, the Analytical approach, is taking all the nuanced elements, similar to getting one tip from YouTube, another from a magazine, then adding something else from a buddy, is counter productive and could do more harm than good. James originally joined us in 2007 to discuss his book “Golf’s Three Noble Truths”. That episode can be heard on Golf Smarter Mulligans, episode 30. Both of these books are available on Amazon at and
By overwhelming demand, the next 9 episodes of Golf Smarter Mulligans feature some of our many conversations with the late Tony Manzoni. Tony was an amazing golf instructor who passed away in 2018. We first met him in 2009, and in the dozen or so times he was on the podcast with us, emails flooded in with more positive feedback than any other teacher featured. Tony’s book, The Lost Fundamental, One Simple Move, Better Golf Forever, which was out of print when he passed away, is once again available on Amazon including Kindle format . Tony’s video of the same name was also out of circulation, but can now be seen online. If you’d like to gain access please write to me directly via email Lastly, after he passed, we created a Tony Manzoni Memorial Golf Smarter Fund to benefit the First Tee of Coachella Valley. Your tax deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. Find out more at .

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