Ep030:#GoodAncestor Tiffany Jewell on Anti-Bias Anti-Racist Education


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In this episode, I speak with #1 New York Times bestselling anti-racist educator and consultant, Tiffany Jewell.

Tiffany Jewell is a Black biracial writer, antiracist educator and consultant, and mama. She is in her 15th year as a Montessori educator and nearing two decades of work in schools with young folks, families, and educators. Tiffany loves to bake bread, build LEGOS with her 8yo and 4yo, and loves watching British detective shows. She spends a lot of time dreaming up how she can dismantle white supremacy and re-imagining liberatory schools. In January her first book, This Book Is Anti-Racist, made its way into the world and it definitely won't be her last book!

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