Woo Girl! #25 Molly Rimswell, Atlanta’s Natural Disaster


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Woo Girl! Please prepare your earholes for the delightfully charming and delicious disaster, Molly Rimswell! She’s been spreading her drag all around town -- you might know her from winning the Mx Glitz pageant at Mary’s, The Other Show, WUSSY events, or from the House of Alxndr.

Good Judys Brigitte and Ellasaurus present Woo Girl!, an intimate series of interviews with some of our most favoritest judys. These weekly mini-episodes will be full of embarrassing stories, heartwarming memories, and gag-worthy gabs with Atlanta's finest woo girls!

Good Judy is a podcast about queer art, news and pop culture hosted by two Atlanta queens, Ellasaurus Rex (@queen_ellarex) and Brigitte Bidet (@brigittebidet). Tune in every Tuesday with Brigitte and Ella as they discuss the latest news, chat with very special guests, and crown a Good Judy and Bad Judy of the week.

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