Sentiment: Infrastructure Layer or Degen Tool? Yes. ft 0xSnarks, Ruvaag, and Sath


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In the latest episode of GoodWill Yunting, I’m joined by Sath to talk to the two big brains Ruvaag and Snarks from the soon™ to be released, under-collateralized borrowing protocol Sentiment. As a disclosure, Yunt is a seed investor in Sentiment, and we couldn’t be more bullish on them. The conversation begins with talk of how degens can use the protocol’s under-collateralized vaults for leveraged longs, shorts, yield farming, and more. Snarks and Ruvaag mention the protocol’s goal to be a composability and infrastructure layer for users, devs and protocols across DeFi. We discuss how Sentiment allows for very simple to very complex degen strategies for every part of the bell curve, strats that can include yield bearing tokens, LP tokens, and option strats. Snarks speaks to their vision of allowing for devs to build strategies on top of Sentiment and use the margin accounts to source liquidity and use Sentiment as a distribution channel. Sath remarks on how they’re forwarding thinking in many ways including using ERC 4626 standard for their vaults and all the interesting compossibility possibilities that offers. Finally, in regard to Sentiment, we dive into cross-marginalization in vaults using interest-bearing tokens like yDAI and stETH as collateral to earn while you borrow. We end by talking about market sentiment and the all-important topic of the bobba physics of Anata NFTs, and how a paper should be written about it.
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Big thank you to Snarks, Ruvaag, and Sath for taking the time out of their day to talk crypto with us. You can find them on Twitter @ruvaag, @0xSnarks and @Sathematical. Feel free to tweet or message me @TheRogueItachi. You can find the pod on Twitter @GoodWillYunting

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