Yunts of the Round Table 3: The BEARINING ft. Sath, GetBigOrDie, and BEW


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Back for another episode of your favorite crypto podcast with a special Yunts of The Round table episode to help you navigate this crazy market. I’m joined by the incredible Yunts Sath, BEW, and GetBigOrDie. We start with everyone’s favorite topic: is this a bull, bear, or crab market? Spoiler, we don’t think this Do Kwon pump will last long term. Continuing that thread, we discuss what a macro recession might look like for both the global economy and crypto specifically. Next we dive into the attention economy and how it’s leveraged in crypto for both good and bad. To inject some hopium into our, and the listener’s brains, we dive into what projects and tech we are excited about that are being built right now. After that we dive into Sath’s favorite topic, governance tokens—and if any of them should exist. Naturally, the conversation flows into ideal governance structures and what role the community should play in governance. Finally, we end on the topic of NFTs and how they could continue to bring mass adoption of crypto in the way we’ve all been waiting for.
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Thank you to Sath, GetBigOrDie and 0xBEW for talking crypto with me. You can find them on Twitter @Sathematical, @GetBigOrDie and @0xBEW. Feel free to tweet or message me @TheRogueItachi. You can find the pod on Twitter @GoodWillYunting

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