The Power of Serverless with Aparna Sinha and Philip Beevers


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On the show this week, Mark Mirchandani joins Stephanie Wong to talk about serverless computing and the Cloud OnAir Serverless event with our guests. Aparna Sinha and Philip Beevers start the show giving us a thorough definition of serverless infrastructures and how this setup can help clients run efficient and cost-effective projects with easy scalability and observability.

Serverless has grown exponentially over the last decade, and Aparna talks about how that trajectory will continue in the future. At its core, the serverless structure allows large enterprise companies to do what they need to do, from analyzing real time information to ensuring dinner is delivered piping hot. Aparna describes the three aspects of next generation serverless, developer centricity, versatility, and built-in best practices, and how Google is using these to empower developers and company employees to create robust projects efficiently and economically. Phil tells us about the experience of using serverless products and the success of the three pillars in Google serverless offerings.

Enterprise customers like MediaMarktSaturn and Ikea are taking advantage of the serverless system for e-commerce, data processing, machine learning, and more. Our guests describe client experiences and how customer feedback is used to help improve Google serverless tools. With so many serverless tools available, our guests offer advice on choosing the right products for your project.

We also hear all about the upcoming Cloud On Air event and what participants can expect, from product announcements and live demos to thorough reviews of recently added serverless features.

Aparna Sinha

Aparna Sinha is Director of Product at Google Cloud and the product leader for Serverless Application Development and DevOps. She is passionate about transforming businesses through faster, safer software delivery. Previously, Aparna helped grow Kubernetes into a widely adopted platform across industries. Aparna holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford. She is Chair of the Governing Board of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and two kids.

Philip Beevers

Phil has been at Google for seven years. He currently leads the Serverless Engineering teams and previously ran the Site Reliability Engineering team for Google Cloud and Google’s internal Technical Infrastructure. Phil holds a BA in Mathematics from Oxford University.

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